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Airport Friendly Products

Airport Friendly

Make your "trip" through the security screening process as easy as possible by having the right products. Remember, there are many other places besides airports where you have to go through security checkpoints: Train stations, Cruise ships, Theme parks, Concerts, Conventions, Sporting events, Court houses and Government buildings.

Consider one of our Airport Friendly belts, which you may not need to remove*.  These products will help you save time and hassle getting through security checkpoints and metal detectors. These Airport Friendly non metal men's belts, women's belts and children's belts with hypoallergenic belt buckles are ideal for travel, security workers and people with metal allergies.

These products are made from the finest leathers and other high quality materials for style and great durability.  If you're looking for an Airport Friendly belt, a non metal belt, a nickel free belt, a metal free belt, or simply stylish women’s belts, mens belts and children’s belts, look no further. Let Rx4Scrubs be your first stop for "beep free" travel fashion.

*Full-Body Scanners.  Please note that TSA may require you to remove certain items when going through their metal detectors and/or an Advanced Imaging Technology units (AIT) full-body scanner. 

Get the latest information from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

          100% Metal Free. Recommended for metal allergies.

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